Entrails of a Virgin (1986)

Also known as:
Guts of a Virgin
Shojo no harawata

Now, doesn't that title conjure up all sorts of horrific images for you? Japanese sex, horror and offbeat cinema can certainly deliver the goods when it comes to sickness, perversity and fetishes. This sex-horror opus directed by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu almost lives up to its insane title potential, but falls a little short in a couple of areas. Only a little though. In the end, maybe no film really could live up to Entrails of a Virgin. I won't keep you waiting with any more preamble, let's see just what these titular entrails get up to.

It's a girlie photoshoot in Japan. Out in the countryside, a group of three guys, and three girls are snapping away. I won't bother getting into character names and actor/actress names because in this case, I really haven't a clue. Please bear with me though, the story will be worth it! There's an obnoxious boss who runs the show, and an arrogant photographer. One of the girls is a crewmember of the shoot and seems sad, and then there's two seemingly innocent models. Then there's a younger guy who's basically just a hanger-on. We get to see the sex lives of some of the participants which probably occurs in the past. With the traditional Japanese fogging of genitals, this film is wall-to-wall sex scenes. Don't seem to be complaining, do I. The slightly less innocent-looking model has sweaty sex with the photographer, who rubs cream all over her. He takes pictures of her as they rut away. This scene morphs into him having sex with the sad girl, who knows about his infidelity. She wants him to stay with her, even if he has to have sex with others.

As a strange human-like figure rises out of a patch of mud, the photo-team attempt to drive home from the country in a combi-van, but a mysterious fog rolls in and they can't drive any further. They stop at a deserted house for shelter. The boss-guy wants to party, even though they have to stay the night in the dilapidated old place. The boss wants sex with the photographer's new girl, and the photographer wants sex with the new innocent model. So they conspire between them to make their conquests. Meanwhile, getting drunk and high, they cheer the young hanger-on guy to do some wrestling, which he proceeds to do by ripping most of the sad girl's clothes off and doing professional wrestling moves on his poor, startled victim! She ends up pile-driven into the floor and unconscious, as well as wetting herself. Nice way to pass the evening!

As mad as he seemed, the wrestling hanger-on has had enough of the decadent group and leaves, storming off into the fog-shrouded night. From out of nowhere a giant, mud-covered figure smashes his skull in with a hammer. This happens after some artful scenes of hammers smashing meat, and so on. Then, as the bossman has his way with the photographer's new girlfriend, and the photographer seduces his new virgin conquest, this demonic mud-creature begins to make his presence felt to the group. The new girlfriend, after having ecaped outside from the clutches of what was basically her rapist, is accosted by the mud-creature. It turns out he has an enormous penis. After raping the girl, he dissapears and as she recovers, a piece of broken glass falls down and chops her head off. The bossman, looking for his victim, is killed by a spear thrown by the monster.

The sad girl wakes up to find a new torment, the photographer having sex with the new girl. She stumbles off into the night. The photographer resumes sex with the soon to-not-be-virgin. The sad girl, judging from her behaviour in the forest, has now become the mad girl, as she licks trees and the like. She discovers the first male victim's head. As the photographer continues their sex-fest, the mad girl comes back into the room with the decapitated head and laughs maniacally. The photographer flees the scene, leaving the nice girl unconscious and the mad girl cackling.

Finding himself in a darkened tennis court, the photographer screams as various plates and objects are thrown at him. Finally, he's killed as a giant hook finds it's way into his throat and hoists him skywards. The now sex-crazed mad girl finds herself thrown, even more naked, into a locked room, and given a severed arm to masturbate with! She frantically pleasures herself with the bloody 'apparatus' until she can do it no more. Finally, after this doesn't seem to satisfy, the monster turns up and has sex with her. After he comes all over her, she does nothing but groan for "more". The creature then reaches inside her and pulls out some of those pesky intestines! Finally, in a darkened room the last surviving girl is cornered by the monster, who, it's revealed, has plans for this one that may involved reproducing his species....

As delerious and offensive as this all may sound, Entrails of a Virgin is really more of a sex film than a horror film. Practically every scene is sexual, or outright sex, of both the consensual and non-consensual varieties. Don't look for a feminist diatribe here, unless it's just to illustrate how despicable Japanese men are. The gore and blood on display is actually pretty minimal compared to what it could have been, with really only the "intestinal pull" having any impact. Perhaps this was for budgetary reasons, though. There's probably as much fake semen in the film as blood, which probably tells you a bit about it. The "monster" is perhaps the biggest dissapointment of the film - he's just a big guy caked in mud with a huge fake schlong. We never get to see his face, although he seems to have a mohawk-do. In fact, he could be just a guy, until we hear him talk at the end in a distorted horror-voice. Still, this creature doesn't spoil the film by any means, and we're left with quite an enigmatic ending that's not entirely expected.

Perhaps more a series of sex scenes for the most part than a straight narrative-film, Komizu's shortish work - it's barely over an hour - still has plenty of foggy atmosphere and bizarre imagination for it's obviously low budget. The performance of the sad/mad girl has to be seen to be believed, also. Starting out subtly depressed, we soon progress to utter sexual insanity. This woman truly has no inhibitions after that severed arm-masturbation scene! There's a couple of outrageous set-pieces in there that there make up for any deficiencies I've mentioned, and, let's face it - nothing like this is going to come out of Western civilization anytime soon! Entrails of a Virgin is truly a must-view for anyone who wants to explore another example of extreme Japanese cult cinema.

© Boris Lugosi, 2006.

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