And You Call Yourself a Scientist!
Fantastically comprehensive reviews assembled by fellow Australian Liz - a real-life mad scientist! (Well, maybe not mad ...) Miss at your peril!

B-Movie Central
For all your B-Movie needs - reviews, discussions, articles, the works. The webmaster is also the prime mover of the Rogue Reviewers - also well worth a look.

Bad Cinema Diary
Great site with shortish reviews on all manner of bad film, put together by Bruce V. Edwards.

The Bad Movie Review Website
Fun site that dwells on reviews for all manner of schlock. Great multimedia with each review.

Bleeding Skull
Spooky trash from beyond the grave. Great look to it, and an excellent coverage of all films horror and trash. And you're still here?

A collection of cult films beyond imagination. Just don't download anything, okay?

Horror and Exploitation reviews and news, in the blog style. Go take a look.

Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Excellent B-movie site run by Nathan Shumate. Nathan writes great reviews of films I've never even heard of. It's an education, I tells you.

Digital Retribution
Reviews, DVD easter-eggs, forums, current news ... what more could you want? That it's an Australian site, I hear? Your wish is my command, Sahib!

The Deuce : Grindhouse Cinema Database
If I didn't have to eat and go to work, I'd be on this all day. Fantastic looking site, fast becoming an indispensable resource for cult cinema fans!

Dr. Humpp's Curious Collection
A blog on treasured moments in cult cinema, you won't regret visiting this one! Created by one of my longtime friends.

Girls, Guns and Ghouls Facebook Group
Retrospective reviews, pictures, book recommendations and main site updates.

The Internet Movie Database
Gigantic database of info and reviews by anyone out there. Very handy sometimes.

Radiation Cinema
Great B-movie site that really captures the enjoyment of the Sci-fi film of the 50's. Duck, cover and head on over!

Rare Cult Cinema
A great-looking site that seems to read my mind about what's good in cult cinema! Girls, Guns and Ghouls aspires to be designed like this.

Scary Minds
All about dark Australian film and literature. Really nice look to it, and great content.

The Terror Trap
Good articles and reviews. Classic horror get excellent longer reviews. Go nuts!


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