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If those wonderful film titles intrigue you, this website may well be somewhere for you to spend some time. Welcome to Girls, Guns and Ghouls.

So, who is your host this evening? Please call me Boris Lugosi, dear friends. I adore the cinema of the weird, the cult and the psychotronic. To me, true entertainment has nothing to do with the Hollywood mainstream. It's all the horror, sci-fi and sleaze that used to beam brazenly out of drive-in projectors, flicker late at night on the television creature-feature, or gave you a thrill of anticipation as you pushed that R-rated video into your huge, eighties-era VCR. So within the walls of this temple of wonderful cinematic gems, you'll find writings on films that run the gamut of the seminal Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, to the gore-drenched Zombie Flesh-eaters! You'll encounter evil midgets, fend off lecherous men with x-ray eyes, leer at sadistic, hot-rod driving go-go dancers and recoil in terror at ghetto vampires with afros and attitudes ... and folks, these are my kind of people!

I'll just let you in on something now, so you don't get all upset a few minutes down the track. This site is definitely intended for mature viewing. Some of the classic films covered are quite old and sedate by today's standards. Some are just plain weird. Some again are wild and uncontrollable exercises in sheer, delerious exploitation. There's a few gore and nudie-pictures on display now and again, and some of the sleaze-a-thons reviewed may inherently offend some panty-waists out there. You have been warned!

In the end, the focus of this site is reviews and more reviews. A lifetime project of writing that will expand inexorably over the years. I can't support video clips or audio files, so if a purely reading experience with a few photos here and there doesn't zap your neck-bolts, I'm sorry to let you down. If I'm lucky enough to capture your interest with these pages, well, rest assured, your old Uncle Boris loves to correspond with other sinema-loving Girls and Ghouls.

So if you're a like-minded person (or whatever sort of thing you are), who enjoys the bizarre world of cult cinema on the edge, drop me a line or come and visit the acebook group and let me know what you think. Thoughts, suggestions, questions, I'd love to hear from you.

Do have a pleasant evening.

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